Ways to Dress Up Event Chair Rentals

Posted on: 3 March 2017

If you're holding a large event, such as a reception or bridal or baby shower, chairs are an important logistic to consider when setting up the venue. Not only do you need to make sure you have enough seating elements to accommodate everyone on your guest list, you'll most likely want them to coordinate with your overall decor theme.

Not matter what your event planning budget is, you can find rental chairs to meet your needs. Event rental companies can loan everything from basic folding chairs to elegant Chiavari chairs, depending on the type of celebration you're hosting.

Even if you rent simple chairs, you can easily give them a personalized touch with inexpensive craft items and textiles. With a little creativity, you can transform boring chairs into eye-catching decor pieces that blend with the rest of the venue. 

Here are some ideas for dressing up your rental chairs:


The fastest and easiest way to customize any type of rental chair is with cushions. Not only with the cushions give the chairs a pop of color and interest, they'll provide comfort for your guests as well.

Choose cushions or pads in colors that match your venue decor theme, such as white and silver for a winter wonderland-inspired soiree, or red and green for a family or business Christmas party. If you're going for a understated, modern look, go with black cushions, or choose gold for a touch of glamour. 

In most cases, the cushions will tie onto the backs of the chairs for a secure fit and a neat look.


There are several ways that you can use fabric pieces to enhance your chairs, depending on their style. If the chair backs feature wrought iron bars with spaces in between, you can drape silky sashes through and around them for a sophisticated look.

If you're using folding chairs, tie long fabric strips all across the backs of them, allowing the material to drape down and gently blow in the breeze if you're hosing an outdoor event. You can also wrap the fabric strips around the chair backs, securing them into place with pretty brooches or other clips. 


Another simple-yet-effective way to elevate the look of rental chairs is by using ribbons. As one option, wrap wide lace ribbons around the backs of the chairs, tying them into large bows, for a vintage, shabby chic appeal. You can also use tulle, silk, organza or grosgrain ribbons depending on the decor theme. 

As another sweet touch, weave colorful ribbons through the bars of the chair backs if they feature them.