Nine Nature-Inspired Wedding Favors For Your Nuptials

Posted on: 6 June 2017

If you want to reflect a natural theme or outdoorsy vibe at your upcoming nuptials, make sure that the party favors also echo this mood. Try bringing elements of nature into the small gifts and trinkets that you give to your guests as they part.

Nine nature-inspired wedding favors include:

1.Seed packets. A perfect and price-friendly favor, giving a seed packet sends a lovely message to guests.

2.Wind chimes. Look for tiny wind chimes that you can leave for guests at their place-setting or in a goodie bag.

3.Bird seed. Encourage guests to take care of feathered-friends by giving out tiny satchels or tulle packets of bird seed mixes to take home.

4.Seedlings. Send home seedlings in tiny peat pots or mason jars for your guests. Take time to save jars, or shop for them in bulk online.

5.Tiny beaches. Tiny jars are also ideal for creating little beaches for guests to take home; add a pinch of sand, a couple shells, and a personal message or scroll to each jar. This is a fun activity for the wedding party in the weeks leading up to your event.

6.Herb bouquets. Create your own herb bouquets for each guest that sits at your wedding table. Use fresh, snipped herbs, tied with twine or hemp, and a tag with the recipient's name. Imagine the lovely fragrance this will bring to your venue!

7.Gardening goodies. Put-together gardening goody-bags for all of your guests and their green-thumbs. Add a pair of inexpensive garden gloves, seeds, tools or other garden-inspired trinkets to a burlap or brown-paper sack.

8.Suet ornaments. Take time before your wedding to make suet ornaments to give to your guests as favors. Melt suet and coat with seed, sticking a ribbon for hanging while it is soft. Put these in sweet glassine bags for your guests.

9.Rain boots and flowers. For a fun favor that is well-suited to a rainy day or damp spring wedding, make small rain boot planters for your guests. Spend time picking up thrift store rain boots, in children's sizes preferably, or buy cheap rubber boots online. Fill each boot with an individual annual or perennial that can be taken home; give each guest a boot!

Try these nine natural ideas for fun favors that are perfect for a rustic themed event or a beautiful outdoor wedding, such as at Rolling Meadows Ranch . Visit crafting sites to find notions and supplies to create some of these suggestions, and visit online vendors to find other wedding favors and ideas to bring to your own nuptials.