How To Plan An Escape Room Event

Posted on: 18 October 2017

Have you decided that you want to host a Halloween party away from home? If so, perhaps you are wanting to do something that will be a totally different experience for your guests. If you've never been to an escape room, think of checking one out. That might be the perfect place to host your Halloween party.

What To Expect 

Remember when you were a kid and it was just plain fun to get scared? Maybe not the petrified kind of scared that you see in horrible scary movies, but the kind of scared that is fun and a bit thrilling. That's what you'll more than likely find at an escape room. 

  • Think of fun music and crazy lights.
  • Think of games and puzzles that you have to figure out.
  • Think of mazes that have to be maneuvered.
  • Think of being timed for some of your games.

Who To Invite 

When you are working on your guest list, it's probably not wise to select friends who just want to sit around and shoot the breeze. Instead, invite friends and family members who are willing to try new things and who might even be a bit competitive.

  • Think of inviting couples.
  • Consider who would be on an escape team.
  • Invite friends you know would enjoy meeting each other.

The Invitations 

Set the mood for your escape room party in the very invitations you send out. Of course, you could just call people to invite them to your Halloween party, or you could send an invitation on your computer. However, getting mail the old-fashioned way has a certain appeal to it, don't you think?

  • Think of sending invitations that are puzzles themselves.
  • For example, create a mini jigsaw puzzle out of card stock.
  • Give clues as to what the party is, with answers on the back of the invitations.

Since it's a Halloween party, think of asking all of those on your invitation list to wear costumes to the party. Find out if the escape room business has catering. More than likely you can order pizzas and drinks for your guests. Make your arrangements ahead of time so that the escape room service will know how many will be in your group. And, don't forget to send everybody home with a trick or treat bag full of Halloween goodies. And, take plenty of pictures so that you can share them with those who come to your escape room event.