4 Tips For Throwing A 1920's Party

Posted on: 1 January 2018

From the swanky suits and sleek flapper dressers to the Prohibition-themed cocktails, throwing a 1920's party is sure to delight your guests and result in many great photos. Here are a few tips for throwing a 1920's party your guests will remember:

Hire a Mixologist

An important aspect of the 1920's is that with the prohibition of alcohol, cocktails actually became more sophisticated. Drinkers turned to secret speakeasies for their buzz, and bartenders began creating more delicious and complicated drinks than ever before. Hiring a professional in mixology who knows about prohibition-era cocktails and is willing to dress and act the part of a 1920's speakeasy bartender will set the mood for your whole party.

Encourage Costumes

If all of your guests arrive in 1920's costumes your party will feel much more authentic and festive, and your photos will be even more fun to post on social media after the party. While you can't require costumes, you can definitely encourage your guests to dress up when you send out the invitations. Luckily, 1920's attire is easy to find at costume shops, online, and even as costume rentals. The internet is a treasure trove of inspiration for 1920's costume ideas.

Create a Speakeasy Vibe

To make your 1920's party even more fun and authentic, try to create the vibe of an authentic speakeasy from the era. Speakeasies were nondescript and secretive places where people could celebrate and mingle in privacy without fear of the police breaking up the party. You can make your party more like a speakeasy by keeping the foyer or entrance dark and giving your guests a secret knock or a password that's required to enter. You and your guests can take turns being the gatekeeper to the party. 

Serve Authentic 1920's Party Snacks

If you really want to go all out, try planning your party snacks and appetizers based on food that would actually have been served at a party in the 1920's. Party snacks like mini pineapple upside down cakes, deviled eggs, and Waldorf salad still taste great to modern palates while also being authentic to the era of your party. Don't forget the bowl full of Reese's peanut butter cups, which were very popular in the 20's just like they are today.

As you can see, throwing a party with a cool 1920's theme can be stylish, authentic, and fun without being too much work.