Getting Married In A Humid Climate? Find A Venue That Ensures Comfort For Everyone

Posted on: 2 February 2018

Living in a humid climate can take getting used to because you must find ways to stay cool and comfortable throughout the year, especially during summer in the peak of heat and humidity. If you recently got engaged and are starting to plan your wedding, you may want to have a summer wedding close to where you live, which means you will experience the same humid climate.

Humidity can frazzle hair and cause discomfort for everyone at the wedding, so you should look around at wedding venues until you find the right qualities that work for this special day.

Close to Hotels

If you intend on staying in a hotel the night before the wedding, you should find a venue that has hotels close by. This is also an important detail for all your guests because you can make it easy for them to get to the wedding and reception destination when their hotel is not far away.

Humid climates often have a considerable amount of rainfall throughout the summer, so you may even want to look for hotels with covered parking lots. This will help you avoid a situation in which you have to go out into the rain to get into the vehicle you are taking to the venue.

Indoor Venue

When heat and humidity is a possibility, you should opt for an indoor venue. This will help you choose decorations without having to think about any potential weather concerns. You can also tell this to all your guests so that they know what to bring and feel confident about going. You do not want them to worry about getting drenched or sunburned while at your wedding.

Air Conditioning

Some indoor venues such as open barns do not have an air conditioning system. These often create a naturelike feel because the fresh air flows in without obstruction. While this is great for spring and fall when the weather is nice, you will likely want to avoid it for a summer wedding.

Prioritizing venues with air conditioning means that you can guarantee comfort for all guests. You will not have to worry about sweating while wearing your wedding attire. This is ideal for photographs and videos that are taken because everyone will look their absolute best.

Considering these details when searching for a wedding venue to accommodate a summer wedding will help you find one that you feel confident about everyone being comfortable. For more information, contact companies like The Manoa Grand Ballroom.