How To Have The Best Experience With A Party Band At Your Event

Posted on: 5 April 2018

When hiring a band for a party you will want to discuss the event extensively with the party band because the details you provide will allow them to determine whether their band is the right fit for your event. There are several important factors to consider.

Match the Right Band to Your Event

You might be surprised at the versatility of the band you are hiring for your event. For instance, you may have expected them to put on a show at one point of the party, but you may need music to provide ambiance during the more low-key moments of your party, such as when you are mingling.

Consider the type of event you will be having and whether the party band will fit the event. For instance, if you will be having the event on a beach, string instruments may not be loud enough to be heard over crashing waves.

Don't Play the Music Too Loud

Even more important than the quality of the music is how loud it is. If the band is too loud, your guests may not enjoy the experience, especially if you have elders at the event. Consider the type of individuals who will be attending the event and whether they would prefer louder music. Keep the volume low if the point of the party is to network.

Decide the Level of Seriousness You Expect from the Band

Decide on the type of band experience you want. Some bands simply perform covers, while others perform their own material. There are some bands that have a cheesy feel and this may be the experience you want. But there are also bands that are dedicated to creating the experience of being at a rock concert.

Listen to a Demonstration

The best way to know what to expect is to listen to a demonstration before hiring them. Some bands will provide a demonstration live, while others will provide videos or an audio demo to give you a sample of what they sound like. Make sure the sample is similar to what you are expecting them to perform.

Choose the Right Songs

Be careful with the types of songs you choose. Ideally, you should choose songs that the vocalists are comfortable with because they will be able to provide a better performance. However, most party bands also allow you to request songs. Request a song long in advance and keep in mind that some bands charge a fee for learning a new song.

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