Going Wild For Weddings: Three Reasons To Host Your Wedding At The Zoo

Posted on: 18 May 2018

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, you might be looking for something unique and out of the ordinary. If you want to go beyond banquet halls and you have a love of animals, one awesome option is to host your wedding day at your local zoo. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider a zoo wedding for your special day.

Naturally Beautiful Backdrop

With a zoo wedding, you don't have to worry about setting the scene with decorations. You have the beautiful backdrop of the animals and their habitats in place already. You can add some flowers here and there, but there's no need to drape walls in tulle to cover up a plain party space. Ask the event planners at the zoo about different settings within the grounds. Some zoos have outdoor pavilions available for receptions, and you might even be able to host your wedding ceremony inside one of the indoor habitats. The spaces in front of animal habitats also make great backdrops for wedding photos too. You never know which silly monkeys or yawning bear cubs might walk into the frame as you take pictures with your dearly beloved.

Family-Friendly Setting

If you have a large family with lots of children, a zoo wedding offers a great way for everyone of all ages to enjoy the day with you. Parents of little ones might even be relieved to have a chance to attend a wedding without having to keep little ones sitting still. Ask the zoo about kids' entertainment options, such as petting zoo areas that can be kept open during the reception or demonstrations hosted by the local zookeepers.

Support For Conservation And Animal Causes

Many zoos have a mission of conservation, and they do great works in helping keep endangered species alive by caring for them every day. Other zoos provide support for animals all over the world through research programs. By hosting your wedding at the zoo, your dollars are going to a great cause you can feel good about supporting. Consider taking this idea one step further by asking wedding guests to make a donation to the zoo in lieu of wedding gifts.

Zoos offer a wide variety of special events packages, and some even have their own wedding setups for you to choose from. These packages include everything from catering to decor, so you get all of the services you expect from a traditional wedding venue but with a wildly furry, fun setting.