Are You A Big Part Of The Booster Club?

Posted on: 28 June 2018

Do you have kids who play high school sports? If so, you are probably almost as busy as they are and maybe even a little bit busier. That's more than likely especially true if you're involved in Booster Club. Are you and your spouse some of the main Booster Club leaders? Perhaps you are a single parent who simply wants to be involved in Booster Club because you want to be a part of every activity your child is in before he or she heads off to college. From getting new members to join the Booster Club to arranging for bus rentals for sporting events, here are some ideas that might help you to make the 2018-2019 school year a great one, both for parents and for their high schoolers who play sports.

Getting New Members To Join - New members more than likely means that you'll have more people to help with different projects. It also might mean that your Booster Club will have more money to do special things, things like arranging for bus rentals that will take groups to sporting events. Try to think of different ways to get new members. Of course, the opening of the school year, with its first parent-teacher meeting or when parents are taking their kids to sign up for classes, is probably a traditionally good time to get new parents to sign-up for Booster Club. Think of taking it a step further, though. For example, see if your local grocery store will let you have a table right in front of the store doors. People whose kids attend the local school also have to shop for groceries, right? 

Renting A Bus For Sporting Events - As you are trying to sign people up to be part of your Booster Club, let them know that part of the fun will be in attending games, especially out-of-town games on a party bus rental. Knowing that by simply paying a fee they won't have to drive their own cars, find parking spaces, and battle busy traffic to and from the games, parents will probably be jumping to join the club. Riding in extremely comfortable seats and knowing that the bus driver is courteous, safe, and professional will be the frosting on the cake. As you make arrangements with the bus rental company, be sure that you've put all dates in writing so that there's no confusion later on.