5 Ways To Increase The Fun Factor At Your Wedding Reception

Posted on: 27 March 2019

When you get married, you want to have a good time. You want your guests to have fun at your wedding reception, and for that to happen, you need to thoughtfully plan your party. Having an industrial chic party is possible! 

#1 Take Your Time with Seating Arrangements

If you will have a sit-down dinner at your wedding, take some time to figure out the best seating arrangement. Make sure that you put couples and families together. Try to group people together who know one another so that they have things to talk about while they are sitting and enjoying dinner together. If you have friends who don't really know many other people at your wedding, pair them up with people who have similar interests or who are just good at carrying on conversations.

#2 Have Some Fun Food Tables

Get rid of a fancy sit down dinner where everyone must stay in their seats and servers bring out food. Instead, set-up food stations that are taken care of by your caterers. Food stations can be fun and allow your guests to customize the food to their own preferred taste preferences. Plus, food tables allow for great conversation while standing in line about how to customize the food option and at the dinner table, as guests share their custom creations. Food stations can also be a lot more memorable than a regular sit-down dinner.

#3 Keep the Wedding Toasts Short

Wedding toasts sometimes seem to take as long as the ceremony. Let everyone who is planning on giving a toast to know that you want the process to be short. Ask people to limit their toast to no more than two minutes. This will reduce the pressure on those giving the toast and will ensure that your guests don't listen to toasts for so long their glasses run dry.

#4 Have Fun with the First Dance

When it is time to get the party started, do something fun for your first dance. Sure, you can start with some nice and slow romantic music, but then you should switch it up and wrap up your first dance with something a little more energetic. You can choreograph a dance to it and have some friends join in on the dance to help move people from the tables to the dance floor.

#5 Set Up a Photo Booth

There is no denying that selfies have taken over. Have some fun by setting up a photo booth with props for your guests to use to take photos together. You can even set-up a professional photograph to take photos at the booth. This will provide you with higher quality photos than could be produced just from selfies.

Make your wedding a fun event by thoughtfully planning the seating arrangement, using food stations instead of a traditional sit-down dinner, keeping the toasts short, having fun with the first dance and providing a photo booth for pictures and fun memory making moments with your guests. All of these elements will make your wedding not only industrial chic but also a lot of fun. Talk with wedding professionals like those at Butler's  Courtyard to plan the wedding you'd like.