3 Tips for Planning an Amazing Catered Corporate Lunch

Posted on: 25 February 2022

Corporate lunches can be uninspired if they are not properly planned, so it is always a good idea to have a budget and head count as far ahead of time as possible. Once those are settled, you can start to look at various catering services that specialize in corporate events. Whether it is a fairly casual, spontaneous lunch at the end of a quarter, or a huge holiday-celebration lunch that you need catered, take a look below at just four of the tips you should be keep in mind when hiring corporate lunch catering services.

Take Food Restrictions Into Account

Although many of the people who attend your corporate lunch may be on specific short-term diets, you'll want to focus more on providing food that accommodates broader dietary restrictions. If necessary, check first to see if local corporate lunch catering services offer halal or kosher dishes. Then make sure you have enough food for those people who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. Finally, don't forget to provide alternatives for people with severe allergies to foods such as dairy, nuts and shellfish. Catering services that are willing to work with and around these restrictions make planning a corporate lunch that much easier.

Include a Variety of Food

Rather than having a meal strictly laid out, try to find a lunch catering service that is willing to include a larger variety of food for lunch attendees. Not only will this make addressing the above food restrictions easier, but it will give guests a greater sense of choice when it comes to their meal. Rather than feel like they are stuck with one appetizer, one main course, and one dessert, try buffet style catering. You can also arrange the various foods in stations, which will encourage more socializing as people eat.

Try Fun Themes

While it may not be relevant for every corporate lunch, there's no harm in brainstorming fun themes. Christmas catering services may be complemented by a winter wonderland theme, while summer lunches can be set up a like classic barbecue. This can differentiate the lunch from other events held during the year, making it more fun and memorable than it would otherwise be. Working with a caterer who has the resources and flexibility to accommodate a planned theme can make a corporate lunch that much more successful.

For more information about corporate lunch catering, contact a catering company in your area.