Where Does The Dance Floor Go In Your Wedding Reception Hall?

Posted on: 28 November 2022

The way you lay out your wedding reception's floor plan is key to its success and comfort. And for most weddings, the dance floor is a central part of this. Where should you put your dance floor within the event hall? Here are three great ideas and what they bring to the table.

1. In the Center

Probably the most common dance floor position is in the center of the hall. This placement often makes table and food station placement easier because there's room on all sides for various activities. It's also popular when there will be a long period of dancing or you want the dancing to be a centerpiece of the evening.

The big, empty space at the center of the room naturally draws attention inward. This is handy if you want to feature some favorite decor elements or draw attention away from the walls. It also allows you to make a large hall seem more intimate. 

2. At the Head

To position the dance floor at the head of festivities, first, act as though you are placing it in the geographical center of the hall. Then, push it forward to the end farthest from the main entrance where guests will arrive.

This configuration has a few key benefits. First, it takes the focus away from the dance floor and the eventual dancing. This can be comforting for couples or guests who are a little shy about dancing. And you can place tables farther from the music, pleasing guests who want to have conversations or older guests. Finally, there's a larger uninterrupted floor space for tables or other elements. 

3. In the Thrust Position

The thrust position is the center of one of the side walls of the event hall. This is a less common placement, so it can provide a little surprise and make your reception layout more memorable. The thrust layout is a compromise for couples who want to place the head table — rather than the dance floor — in the most prominent role. And like the head placement, it also allows more uninterrupted floor space around it. 

Where to Start

Which is the best layout for your reception? Start making the right decision by touring event halls in your target area. As you consider their sizes and shapes, keep in mind the goals of these various dance floor placements. By finding the right starting point with this large reception element, the rest of your party will fall into place.

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