Unique Ways To Have The Bride Arrive To Your Wedding

Posted on: 13 September 2023

There are several memorable moments that occur during a wedding ceremony, but one of the images that often sticks with guests is the moment that the bride arrives. If you're keen on having your ceremony be as unique and memorable as possible, it can be fun to think about different arrival methods. While it's common for a bride to arrive in a luxury vehicle or perhaps even on a wagon behind horses, there are some other options that can be fun to explore. Of course, if you're planning a wedding that doesn't feature a bride, these rules can pertain to either person. Here are three unique ways to arrive.


A lot of people love the idea of getting married next to the water, given the natural beauty of this environment. A waterside wedding also makes it possible to arrive by boat. There are lots of different ways to plan this idea. If you know someone who has a high-end boat such as a cabin cruiser, you can enlist their help to load the bride at a location a short distance away, and then approach the shore at the venue. Another option is on a pontoon boat, which you can rent and decorate in various types of wedding-themed decor. If you want a quieter, natural look, have someone paddle the bride up to the venue in a canoe.


Another fun idea to think about is having the bride arrive on a motorcycle. Obviously, you'll need to consider what dress the bride is wearing. If it's a relatively simple piece of attire that doesn't include a long train behind it, it can be suitable for riding on a motorcycle. Have a motorcycle owner you know dress in a suit and drive slowly up to the venue with the bride sitting behind them. This can create a fun, edgy look that is certainly not traditional.


You may also wish to think about having the bride arrive by bus. Having a large vehicle carry just one passenger might seem bizarre, but this idea can work well. Not only can it be memorable, but you'll also have the bus on hand for after the ceremony. For example, if the wedding party and immediate family are getting photographed elsewhere, everyone can ride on the bus together. A luxury bus can offer a stylish method of transportation for the arrival of the bride, while a traditional yellow school bus can be a fun option if the bride is a teacher. Keep these creative ideas in mind as you plan your ceremony.

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