Planning A Party: How To Plan A Petting Zoo Birthday Party

Posted on: 25 April 2023

If you want to host a petting zoo birthday party for your child, now's the time to start planning. Petting zoos are a fun way to increase the enjoyment of any children's birthday party. But, you do need to start with the right plans. If you've never planned a petting zoo birthday party, read the list below.

Here are four ways to avoid problems when hiring a petting zoo for your child's birthday party.

Start With the Right Location

When it comes to hosting a petting zoo birthday party, you want to pick the right location. Petting zoos need enough space for the animals. Petting zoo animals can get stressed if they don't have enough room. But, children also need enough room to interact with the animals. To ensure the best experience, choose a large backyard for your petting zoo party. You can also reserve space at a local park. Make sure you get the appropriate permits for your petting zoo though. That way, you can avoid disruptions. 

Pick Age-Appropriate Pets

If you want to include a petting zoo for your child's birthday party, make sure you pick the right animals. You might want to get the biggest animals for your child's petting zoo, but that might not be the best choice. When choosing animals for your child's petting zoo birthday party, you need to consider age. If your child is young, you should pick small animals. Some of those animals can include baby goats, rabbits, and ducks. Older kids will do well with llamas, calves, and ponies. 

Ensure Animal Interaction

If you're planning your child's petting zoo birthday party, include some extra activities. Children enjoy feeding animals in a petting zoo. But, feeding might not hold their attention for very long. Because of that, it's a good idea to include a few extra activities during the party. If this is a party for older children, include some educational activities with the animals. Races are also a way to get the kids excited about the petting zoo. 

Plan for Germ Protection

If you're going to have a petting zoo at your child's birthday party, don't forget about germs. Germs can spread between animals and children. Some of those germs can spread E.coli and salmonella. That's why you should include a hand washing station with your petting zoo. That way the children can wash their hands after interacting with the animals.

To learn more about petting zoo birthday parties, reach out to a local service provider.